Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lake Tahoe and the Girls

I had a great time at Lake Tahoe with my new friends.  We spent quite a bit of time at the market at SOAR and had breakfast a few times at the Dam Cafe and took a walk out to the lake.

Great breakfast burritos to be had.
Robin and Jude molesting the Raggedy Ann Doll.
Waiting for our food and a table to free up.

I also used Jude's electric drum carder to blend some ancient dyed merino and silk from the way back.  It turned out so nice, Jude requested the batts.
Sam got cozy with her new Hansencrafts mSpinner in Tigerwood.
Halloween cupcakes for snacks.  I had the eyeball one.
A walk on the lake front and the pier.  We even saw a coyote stalk some geese.
Me in front of the condo entrance.
The pier.
Standing on the pier looking down into the water and spotted a golf ball.
Coyote alert.
I thought this was a sculpture of a dinosaur - the friendly kind.
 Bison and Elk burgers our last night there.
 Squaw Valley resort on the way to the airport.
This was taken of the lake airborne on the way home.

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  1. the batt is beautiful! I can see why Jude wanted them. Love all the pix of the scenery around the lake, thank you for sharing.