Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SOAR 2012 Happenings

Lots of things happened at SOAR.  I was able to see Beth and Kevin Hansen at the Hansencrafts booth.  Beth donned by fractal spun scarf from the groups tour de fleece project.
I learned to make rope with Tami and Robin from Gwen.  We thought maybe it was an initiation for first time SOAR participants.  We made two ropes, one from fiber that Gwen kept and one with pink yarn which Jude got to take home.
I was the catcher.
Tami cranked the twister.
Robin and Tami having fun.
Gwen with her finished roving rope next to the Alden Amos Rope Twister.
Our pink rope.

SOAR turned 30 this year and there was a cake for celebration and Deb Robson gave a talk about rare wools.  She is the one who came out with the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook.

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