Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bite North Park

Janet, Kim and I decided to have an outing for our November supper club and got in on a deal with Groupon for Bite.
The deal was a food tour through North Park.  I had posted about this a while back here when we toured San Diego.  We were lucky to see our same tour guide, Eddie.
We started at Splash where we had some pizza.
They even had an olive oil dispenser for tasting.
Next was Redwing with a tasting of some hot wings which were pretty hot.  They have a patio in the back that does not close.
Some bread pudding was had at Heaven Sent Desserts.
Which led up to the Subterranean Coffee Shop for a scone.
Zensei Sushi was next with some fish bites.
Last was Sea Rocket with a pork belly taco.
Very cool decor with the home made fish.  Here is the Orca.
Lovely day hanging with friends and taste of new restaurants for us.  Good stories told by Eddie as well.

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