Monday, November 19, 2012

Southern California Road Trip

I did a southern California road trip for work and went around in a big circle starting from home and heading east, then north, west, and finally south.

Stayed at the DoubleTree which has my aesthetics.
Hit a few restaurants along the way - this one at a Pho place that only took cash.  My co-pilot got the "big" bowl.
And I got the smaller one.
We were looking for another restaurant, but could not find it so we ended up at this one.

We passed Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive as we headed up for a meeting at the Federal Building.
Traffic was pretty bad when it takes almost two hours from Pasadena to Beverly Hills.

Up in Mojave, we got a tip to Anthony's Grill where we had mexican fast food.  The tacos were delicious and I was impressed by the wall of hot sauce.
We also hit the Red Lobster next to the hotel and had drinks.  Mine share of liquor was transferred to his drink.  Cute how they include that.
Productive trip for work and good food, good company especially for those long hours in the car and a change in the weather with rain.

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