Sunday, July 28, 2013

Field Trip - New Mexico

The last field trip I took before the end of summer was to New Mexico.  It has been quite a while since I have been there and I was greeted with southwest flair when I landed at the Albuquerque airport.
Since it was close to lunch time, lunch consisted of green chile chicken soup with half of a new mexico sandwich at Comida Buena at the airport.
The weather was warm - in the 90s as the day time high but unseasonably cool as it usually is in the 100s.  There was afternoon rain as seen in the distance.
But only one day where it impacted travel through the state.  Travel was on the famous Route 66 as seen in a mural at the McDonalds where pit stops occurred.
It was nice to see the pueblo style homes as well.
Cool bricks were seen on buildings which felt like marble.
And the view of the mesas.
It was a productive trip but I'm glad to be home for a bit.

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