Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodies from Black Sheep Gathering

I can say that I arrived and conquered while at Black Sheep Gathering.  Goodies abounded.

Judith had a booth with fiber which I could not resist.
I brought home the color of the year.
As well as some dyed bison yarn.  I broke my yarn diet with this skein and I hope to last another 6 months before buying any more yarn.
In addition to the pelt, ceramic cups, and a basket, I also purchased some cashmere from Cynthia plus a few key chains and an umbrella.
A few more shawl pins from Plover Designs.
A mini-noddy and some heddles for my loom from Village Spin and Weave.
A beautiful glass spindle bowl from KCL Woods.  I already had the base so I just got the bowl attachment.
I also splurged and bought a couple of silk scarves from Silver Moon Alpacas.
The leaves patterns and colors are so beautiful.

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  1. I love that spindle bowl. So glittery and alluring...