Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Month End Report

The month was a bit of redemption from the last.  


I continued with my broken yarn diet as I bought a panda blanket kit from Knit Picks as well as some cotton yarn to make another Old Man and the Sea in a larger size so I could qualify for free shipping.  That free shipping offer is my downfall every time.

I also had good intentions of using my stash yarn for another sweater knit-a-long but found I was short one skein.  I tried to just buy one more skein at my local yarn store, but the colors were so different I ended up buying a sweater's worth of yarn as well as a couple of skeins of sale yarn.

I picked up a couple of books and a magazine as well for more inspiration and a few more online pattern purchases from my favorite designer, Carol Feller.

I purchased a couple of spindle bowls that were designed just for me and I love them.


Tour de Fleece was a total bust for me.  I started spinning and was able to finish my polworth silk fiber from Judith MacKenzie.  I ended up with a lovely two ply lace which I started knitting the Citron.

I was able to finish a hat - the Coriander which caused lots of problems in the beginning so I stuck it in a bag.  In my quest to start as many projects that I could this month, I needed to dig around for needles so old projects started coming out of the woodwork.

The Flirty Lace tank made an appearance and the knitting is done on both sides.  Now to join and pick up and knit around the neck and arm holes and then it will be done.

I started the second Old Man and the Sea sweater in a larger size and was able to knit up the body and am now at the sleeves.  Once the sleeves are done, then they will be joined to the sweater and the top will be knit up.  It is kind of boring to knit with cream colored yarn.

I also started on the panda blanket but did not get too far as yet.  At least not to the intarsia part where the panda starts making an appearance.

Next month is the start of three knit-a-longs, the Makai (a shawl), the Circumnavigated Cardigan, and the Dacite (a cardigan) so I have swatched to obtain gauge on the sweaters and will start knitting on them next month.

I also dyed some yarn using a new technique to me for yarn in my stash that I wanted to change color for another sweater that is in my coming queue.


No purging or organization occurred this month either.  I have been traveling, but my eating habits are a bit better.  I still need to work on my exercise program.  I did get a free vitals check while in New Mexico and found that my BP and the rest were pretty good.

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