Monday, July 29, 2013

New Mexico Food

Dining was fun in New Mexico.

Dinner on the first night was at St. Claire Winery and Bistro.  A cheese plate appetizer followed by 
Pasta New Mexico which featured the Hatch green chile.
It was bit too much cheese overall, but a filling meal.

The second night was a late work day so a stop at the Olive Garden sufficed.  The drinks came out in a timely manner - I had this strawberry lemonade but the food was way late.  The manager came out and comped the food since the wait was so long.
The last night for dinner was to a sushi place, but the one we wanted to go to - Kokoro ended up being closed.  So we found the next place which was Sushi Xian which was good but not spectacular.  I had a seaweed salad which was huge and we shared some rolls.
This was the ceviche roll.
Some kind of spicy tuna with wasabi infused fish eggs on the top.  This was way spicy.
 This was a salmon roll with crunchy bits and was spicy as well.
This was a mild roll with different kinds of fish.

The last meal we had in town was a local cop hangout called Cocina Azul.
Chips and two different salsas came with.  I liked the green chile one.
I ordered the steak taco plate.
Very tasty but too much food.  The vegetable side dish was zucchini and corn and was a bit sweet and the spaghetti tasted a bit like spanish rice.

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