Sunday, May 4, 2014

Driving All Around

A couple of scheduled interviews from some call backs and some research into additional information added to another day of driving around Los Angeles.  We ended up at Monterey Park for all you can eat Shabu Shabu at Shinsengumi.

We shared one hot pot and got up to get various dishes of meat, tofu, noodles, and greens.  It was Julie's first time and she really enjoyed it.

After finishing for the day, we ended up trying Kanpai Ramen which was pretty close to the hotel.
Ramen for dinner was very good and the place was cozy without being crowded.
For dessert, we got this little drinks which tasted just like a creamsicle.
Julie like it so much she asked for another and the waitress brought out two more so I gave her mine as well.  She was on Facebook asking people she knew where she could buy this in Chicago.

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