Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen 4140

Mini Supper Club meet up at Kitchen 4140 after a scheduling boo boo by me last weekend.  I totally got the days wrong and poor Janet though I had probably died since I didn't show up.  The time change to daylight savings didn't help either.

We rescheduled and I arrived at Kitchen 4140 10 minutes early just in case.  I snapped this picture while waiting at the front.  It is in an unlikely place with a rug store next door.
We sat inside since was getting cool but they have a nice outdoor patio dining area.

We started with the brussels sprout appetizer with lamb bacon.
We both decided on the specials of this night.  Janet had surloin wrapped in bacon and I had the crusted salmon.  Both of our dishes came with asparagus while I had mashed potatoes and she had mac and cheese.
Good meal with quite a bit of food.  I had enough for a doggie bag.

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