Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Spin Group

We met at Juli's for spin group this month and it was cool to see everyone with their wheels spinning.  I finally finished spinning the singles for the CMV/Romeldale and now all I need to do is ply three strands together for my knitted vest project.

We had great food as usual and the day started a bit cool, but the sun did come out after all.  Juli had to tell us that Matilda crossed the rainbow bridge.  She always wanted to lay right on your foot and be petted.  Juli also stated that she lost one of her bunnies, Speck.
I brought this pasta dish - orzo salad with radish and fennel.  Most of the vegetables came from my CSA farm box.
Jan brought her rhubarb dessert and the toffee blondies rounded out the sweets.

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