Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Knitting Project for my Aunt

While I was going through my bins and bags, I uncovered this spun yarn from the Fondle This! kit from August 2010.  The kit consisted of an ounce of Fuzzarelly Batt and another ounce of merino.

The task was to spin up a two ply - one of each of the fibers, and ply together for a fingering weight yarn.  I got 380 yards of pretty soft and fluffy yarn.
The pattern that came with was the Jelly Beans Mitts and since my aunt had asked for some mitts, I decided to resurrect this project.  It is a new project, but not for me so it doesn't count.
In the bag, I also found a pair of acrylic needles from knit picks.  I sold this set to someone else and at the time could not find these tips.  Now I know where they were hiding.

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